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We are looking for individuals who can create a brilliant slogan for FridayParts. All entries are kept confidential until the contest ends. The participant who wins the slogan making contest can earn 2000 USD and the bragging rights of a lifetime.Anchor
Please Note We DO NOT accept entries that are mailed or phoned into FridayParts. They must be submitted online here or emailed at Any other entries will not be considered as contest entries. Any entries containing inappropriate language or content will be deleted and not be considered.
Inaccurate Contact Information: If the chosen winner provides an incorrect email address or phone number, we'll choose another winner so it's very important you complete the submission form accurately.
Cost to enter: None and no purchase of any kind are necessary.
Slogan language: Your slogan must be in English.
Deadline: Entries must be submitted on or before July 7th. Entries beyond the contest duration will not be accepted.
Who can Submit a Slogan: Any individual and/or group from any country. If it's a group submission, the person who completes the submission form will be the one who we contact and he/she will receive the prize if chosen as the winner.
Members of FridayParts and the judges are not eligible to submit slogans.
Criteria: All submitted entries must be original slogans that have not seen published previously. Entries deemed to be copyright infringements or that have been used before will not be considered.
Entries will be judged on:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Catchy, memorable
  • Simplicity, your slogan should be one-sentence long
  • Positive message
  • Uniqueness
  • Clearance of understanding
  • How well it relates to FridayParts